Food and beverages can be provided for your event and arranged for with our Convention Sales Manager. All food and beverages are for consumption only in the assigned function areas. Food or beverages may not be brought into the facility or supplied by outside vendors; however, exceptions will be made for wedding and special event cakes for which you accept responsibility and liability. If it is discovered that food has been brought in from the outside, Lake of the Torches Resort Casino Banquet Department reserves the right to charge an additional food coverage fee. Food will not be allowed to leave your banquet function and our banquet staff will properly dispose of any leftovers. Exceptions will be made for wedding and special event cakes brought into the facility. All federal, state, and local laws regarding food and beverage purchases and consumption are strictly adhered to.


Menu selections are to be submitted to the Convention Sales Manager at least three (3) weeks prior to the scheduled function. Menu pricing will not be confirmed any sooner than 60 days prior to your event due to changes in current market rates. The menus provide helpful suggestions in meal and party planning; however, you are not limited to these selections alone. The Convention Sales Manager is ready to consult with you on any special gourmet, theme or ethnic menus to give your party that personal touch. We will gladly customize our menus for your specific needs.

A guaranteed minimum food count is required no later than noon fourteen (14) days prior to your scheduled event. Once this number has been provided to the Convention Sales Manager that is the number of guests for which you will be billed unless the actual number served is greater. Failure to provide a final count within the deadline noted above will result in the minimum default billing based on estimates provided at the original time of booking. A service charge of 18% will be applied to all banquet food service. (Wedding package pricing includes service charges and taxes.)



Lake of the Torches Resort Casino Banquet Department banquet staff will not cut wedding cakes, however the banquet staff will serve your cake for a service charge of $.50 per person.


Liquor and/or beverage service can be provided for your event and arranged for with our Convention Sales Manager. A $200 bar sales minimum is required per bar set-up. Should total bar sales not meet the $200 minimum the difference will be added to your invoice. An 18% service charge will be added to all direct bill beverage charges. Lake of the Torches Resort Casino Banquet Department does not allow alcohol or beverages of any kind to be brought in from the outside. If it is discovered that this has occurred all beverages will be confiscated and disposed of. We also reserve the right to cut liquor service to any person or group when intoxication is apparent. This is left to the discretion of the Beverage Manager and/or Bartender and is in compliance with local and stage ordinances and necessitated by our liability insurance. All individuals must be 21 years of age to consume alcoholic beverages in the facility, pursuant to local law.



Event set-up needs are required two (2) weeks prior to the event and will be coordinated with our Convention Sales Manager. Changing the room set up on the day of the function once the room has been set according to your original request will result in additional set-up charges ranging from $25 to $150.


Approved decorating may be done in the convention center the day of the event. Any additional access time in the convention center must be pre-approved by the Convention Sales Manager and must be written on the signed contract. Our banquet staff is also available to provide decorating services beyond the usual table settings for an additional charge.